52.228-9 Cargo Insurance.

As prescribed in 28.313(a), insert the following clause:

Cargo Insurance (May 1999)

(a) The Contractor, at the Contractor’s expense, shall provide and maintain, during the continuance of this contract, cargo insurance of $______ per vehicle to cover the value of property on each vehicle and of $_______ to cover the total value of the property in the shipment.

(b) All insurance shall be written on companies acceptable to ____________ [insert name of contracting agency], and policies shall include such terms and conditions as required by __________ [insert name of contracting agency]. The Contractor shall provide evidence of acceptable cargo insurance to ____________ [insert name of contracting agency] before commencing operations under this contract.

(c) Each cargo insurance policy shall include the following statement:

"It is a condition of this policy that the Company shall furnish-

(1) Written notice to __________ [insert name and address of contracting agency], 30 days in advance of the effective date of any reduction in, or cancellation of, this policy; and

(2) Evidence of any renewal policy to the address specified in paragraph (1) of this statement, not less than 15 days prior to the expiration of any current policy on file with ____________ [insert name of contracting agency]."

(End of clause)