52.228-10 Vehicular and General Public Liability Insurance.

As prescribed in 28.313(b), insert a clause substantially the same as the following in solicitations and contracts for transportation or for transportation-related services when the contracting officer determines that vehicular liability or general public liability insurance required by law is not sufficient:

Vehicular and General Public Liability Insurance (Apr 1984)

(a) The Contractor, at the Contractor’s expense, agrees to maintain, during the continuance of this contract, vehicular liability and general public liability insurance with limits of liability for-

(1) Bodily injury of not less than $______ for each person and $______ for each occurrence; and

(2) Property damage of not less than $______ for each accident and $______ in the aggregate.

(b) The Contractor also agrees to maintain workers’ compensation and other legally required insurance with respect to the Contractor’s own employees and agents.

(End of clause)