52.236-19 Organization and Direction of the Work.

As prescribed in 36.519 , insert the following clause in solicitations and contracts when a cost-reimbursement construction contract is contemplated:

Organization and Direction of the Work (Apr 1984)

(a) When this contract is executed, the Contractor shall submit to the Contracting Officer a chart showing the general executive and administrative organization, the personnel to be employed in connection with the work under this contract, and their respective duties. The Contractor shall keep the data furnished current by supplementing it as additional information becomes available.

(b) Work performance under this contract shall be under the full-time resident direction of (1) the Contractor, if the Contractor is an individual; (2) one or more principal partners, if the Contractor is a partnership; or (3) one or more senior officers, if Contractor is a corporation, association, or similar legal entity. However, if the Contracting Officer approves, the Contractor may be represented in the direction of the work by a specific person or persons holding positions other than those identified in this paragraph.

(End of clause)