52.246-11 Higher-Level Contract Quality Requirement.

As prescribed in 46.311 , insert the following clause:

Higher-Level Contract Quality Requirement (Dec 2014)

(a) The Contractor shall comply with the higher-level quality standard(s) listed below.

______________________________________________________[Contracting Officer insert the title, number (if any), date, and tailoring (if any) of the higher-level quality standards.]

(b) The Contractor shall include applicable requirements of the higher-level quality standard(s) listed in paragraph (a) of this clause and the requirement to flow down such standards, as applicable, to lower-tier subcontracts, in-

(1) Any subcontract for critical and complex items (see 46.203(b) and (c)); or

(2) When the technical requirements of a subcontract require-

(i) Control of such things as design, work operations, in-process control, testing, and inspection; or

(ii) Attention to such factors as organization, planning, work instructions, documentation control, and advanced metrology.

(End of clause)