52.247-53 Freight Classification Description.

As prescribed in 47.305-9(b)(1), insert the following provision in solicitations when the supplies being acquired are new to the supply system, nonstandard, or modifications of previously shipped items, and different freight classifications may apply:

Freight Classification Description (Apr 1984)

Offerors are requested to indicate below the full Uniform Freight Classification (rail) description, or the National Motor Freight Classification description applicable to the supplies, the same as offeror uses for commercial shipment. This description should include the packing of the commodity (box, crate, bundle, loose, setup, knocked down, compressed, unwrapped, etc.), the container material (fiberboard, wooden, etc.), unusual shipping dimensions, and other conditions affecting traffic descriptions. The Government will use these descriptions as well as other information available to determine the classification description most appropriate and advantageous to the Government. Offeror understands that shipments on any f.o.b. origin contract awarded, as a result of this solicitation, will be made in conformity with the shipping classification description specified by the Government, which may be different from the classification description furnished below.

For Freight Classification Purposes, Offeror Describes This Commodity as ___________.

(End of clause)