552.214-72 Bid Sample Requirements.

As prescribed in 514.202-4(a)(3), insert the following provision:

Bid Sample Requirements (Oct 2009)

This provision supplements FAR52.214-20, which is incorporated by reference. Samples shall be from the production of the manufacturer whose products will be supplied under resultant contracts.

      (a)  Two bid samples are required for each of the following items in this solicitation:


      (b)  Two representative samples shall be submitted for each of the following items upon which a bid is submitted:


Acceptable Representative Samples

NOTE: Bidders that propose to furnish an item or group of items from more than one manufacturer or production point must submit two samples from the production of each manufacturer or production point.

      (c)  Samples will be evaluated to determine compliance with all characteristics listed below:

Subjective Characteristics

Objective Characteristics

      (d)  Forward samples addressed to the Sample Room indicated below. Except for samples delivered by U.S. Mail, deliveries will be accepted between the hours of _______________ Mondays through Fridays, official holidays excluded.


Mail and Parcel Post

[Insert Address of Bid Sample Room]

Freight or Express

[Insert address of Bid Sample Room]

      (e)  Contracting Officer insert address.

(End of provision)