PGI 253.208-2 DD Form 448-2, Acceptance of MIPR.

(a) Use the DD Form 448-2 as prescribed in PGI 208.70 .

(b) Instructions for completion of DD Form 448-2. (Complete only the applicable blocks.)

(1) BLOCK 6. Check the specific terms under which the MIPR is being accepted.

(2) BLOCK 7. If any one of the MIPR line items is not accepted, check Block 7 and record the affected MIPR line item number and reason in Block 13.

(3) BLOCKS 8 AND 9. Use Blocks 8 and 9 only—

(i) When Block 6c acceptance is indicated (indicate the MIPR line item numbers that will be provided under each method of financing in Blocks 8a and 9a, respectively); or

(ii) If quantities or estimated costs cited in a MIPR require adjustment (list the affected MIPR line item numbers together with the adjusted quantities or estimated costs in the columns provided under Blocks 8 and 9, as appropriate).

(4) BLOCK 10. Whenever a MIPR is accepted in part or in total under Category II funding, forecast the estimated date of contract award.

(5) BLOCK 11. Enter the total amount of funds required to fund the MIPR items, as accepted.

(6) BLOCK 12.

(i) Complete this block only in those cases where the amount recorded in Block 11 is not in agreement with the amount recorded in Block 5. This will serve either—

(A) As a request to the requiring department to issue a MIPR amendment to provide the additional funds; or

(B) Authority for the requiring department to withdraw the available excess funds.

(ii) When funds of two or more appropriations are involved, provide proper breakdown information in Block 13.

(7) BLOCK 13. Use this block to record—

(i) Justification, by MIPR line item, for any additional funds required;

(ii) Explanation for rejection of MIPR whether in part or in total;

(iii) Appropriation and subhead data cited on the MIPR; and

(iv) Other pertinent data.

(c) Complete a DD Form 448-2 for all MIPR amendments involving an adjustment of funds or delivery schedule, or if requested by the requiring department.

(d) Unless otherwise agreed, provide the requiring department an original and three copies of each DD Form 448-2.