227.303 Contract clauses.

(1) Use the clause at 252.227-7039 , Patents—Reporting of Subject Inventions, in solicitations and contracts containing the clause at FAR 52.227-11, Patent Rights—Ownership by the Contractor.

(2)(i) Use the clause at 252.227-7038 , Patent Rights—Ownership by the Contractor (Large Business), instead of the clause at FAR 52.227-11, in solicitations and contracts for experimental, developmental, or research work if—

(A) The contractor is other than a small business concern or nonprofit organization; and

(B) No alternative patent rights clause is used in accordance with FAR 27.303(c) or (e).

(ii) Use the clause with its Alternate I if—

(A) The acquisition of patent rights for the benefit of a foreign government is required under a treaty or executive agreement;

(B) The agency head determines at the time of award that it would be in the national interest to acquire the right to sublicense foreign governments or international organizations pursuant to any existing or future treaty or agreement; or

(C) Other rights are necessary to effect a treaty or agreement, in which case Alternate I may be appropriately modified.

(iii) Use the clause with its Alternate II in long-term contracts if necessary to effect treaty or agreements to be entered into.

227.304 Procedures.

227.304-1 General.

Interim and final invention reports and notification of all subcontracts for experimental, developmental, or research work may be submitted on DD Form 882, Report of Inventions and Subcontracts.