227.7107-1 Architectural designs and data clauses for architect-engineer or construction contracts.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection and in 227.7107-2 , use the clause at 252.227-7022 , Government Rights (Unlimited), in solicitations and contracts for architect-engineer services and for construction involving architect engineer services.

(b) When the purpose of a contract for architect-engineer services, or for construction involving architect-engineer services, is to obtain a unique architectural design of a building, a monument, or construction of similar nature, which for artistic, aesthetic or other special reasons the Government does not want duplicated, the Government may acquire exclusive control of the data pertaining to the design by including the clause at 252.227-7023 , Drawings and Other Data to Become Property of Government, in solicitations and contracts.

(c) The Government shall obtain unlimited rights in shop drawings for construction. In solicitations and contracts calling for delivery of shop drawings, include the clause at 252.227-7033 , Rights in Shop Drawings.