227.7203-2 Acquisition of noncommercial computer software and computer software documentation.

(a) Contracting officers shall work closely with data managers and requirements personnel to assure that computer software and computer software documentation requirements included in solicitations are consistent with the policy expressed in 227.7203-1 .

(b)(1) Data managers or other requirements personnel are responsible for identifying the Government's minimum needs. In addition to desired software performance, compatibility, or other technical considerations, needs determinations should consider such factors as multiple site or shared use requirements, whether the Government's software maintenance philosophy will require the right to modify or have third parties modify the software, and any special computer software documentation requirements.

(2) When reviewing offers received in response to a solicitation or other request for computer software or computer software documentation, data managers must balance the original assessment of the Government's needs with prices offered.

(c) Contracting officers are responsible for ensuring that, wherever practicable, solicitations and contracts—

(1) Identify the types of computer software and the quantity of computer programs and computer software documentation to be delivered, any requirements for multiple users at one site or multiple site licenses, and the format and media in which the software or documentation will be delivered;

(2) Establish each type of computer software or computer software documentation to be delivered as a separate contract line item (this requirement may be satisfied by an exhibit to the contract);

(3) Identify the prices established for each separately priced deliverable item of computer software or computer software documentation under a fixed-price type contract;

(4) Include delivery schedules and acceptance criteria for each deliverable item; and

(5) Specifically identify the place of delivery for each deliverable item.