227.7203-9 Copyright.

(a) Copyright license.

(1) The clause at 252.227-7014, Rights in Other Than Commercial Computer Software and Other Than Commercial Computer Software Documentation, requires a contractor to grant, or obtain for the Government license rights which permit the Government to reproduce the software or documentation, distribute copies, perform or display the software or documentation and, through the right to modify data, prepare derivative works. The extent to which the Government, and others acting on its behalf, may exercise these rights varies for each of the standard data rights licenses obtained under the clause. When non-standard license rights in computer software or computer software documentation will be negotiated, negotiate the extent of the copyright license concurrent with negotiations for the data rights license. Do not negotiate copyright licenses for computer software that provide less rights than the standard restricted rights in computer software license. For computer software documentation, do not negotiate a copyright license that provides less rights than the standard limited rights in technical data license.

(2) The clause at 252.227-7013, Rights in Technical Than Commercial Products and Commercial Services, does not permit a contractor to incorporate a third party's copyrighted software into a deliverable software item unless the contractor has obtained an appropriate license for the Government and, when applicable, others acting on the Government's behalf, or has obtained the contracting officer's written approval to do so. Grant approval to use third party copyrighted software in which the Government will not receive a copyright license only when the Government's requirements cannot be satisfied without the third party material or when the use of the third party material will result in cost savings to the Government which outweigh the lack of a copyright license.

(b) Copyright considerations-special works. See 227.7205 for copyright considerations when acquiring special works.