228.102-70 Defense Environmental Restoration Program construction contracts.

For Defense Environmental Restoration Program construction contracts entered into pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2701—

(a) Any rights of action under the performance bond shall only accrue to, and be for the exclusive use of, the obligee named in the bond;

(b) In the event of default, the surety’s liability on the performance bond is limited to the cost of completion of the contract work, less the balance of unexpended funds. Under no circumstances shall the liability exceed the penal sum of the bond;

(c) The surety shall not be liable for indemnification or compensation of the obligee for loss or liability arising from personal injury or property damage, even if the injury or damage was caused by a breach of the bonded contract; and

(d) Once it has taken action to meet its obligations under the bond, the surety is entitled to any indemnification and identical standard of liability to which the contractor was entitled under the contract or applicable laws and regulations.