232.503-6 Suspension or reduction of payments.

(b) Contractor noncompliance. See also 242.7503 .

(g) Loss contracts. Use the following loss ratio adjustment procedures for making adjustments required by FAR 32.503-6(f) and (g)—

(i) Except as provided in paragraph (g)(ii) of this subsection, the contracting officer must prepare a supplementary analysis of the contractor's request for progress payments and calculate the loss ratio adjustment using the procedures in FAR 32.503-6(g).

(ii) The contracting officer may request the contractor to prepare the supplementary analysis as an attachment to the progress payment request when the contracting officer determines that the contractor's methods of estimating the “Costs to Complete” are reliable, accurate, and not susceptible to improper influences.

(iii) To maintain an audit trail and permit verification of calculations, do not make the loss ratio adjustments by altering or replacing data on the contractor's original request for progress payment (SF 1443, Contractor's Request for Progress Payment, or computer generated equivalent).