(a) The Board’s address is Skyline Six, Room 703, 5109 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 220413208; telephone 703–681–8500 (general), 703–681–8502 (Recorder). The Board’s facsimile number is 703-681-8535. The Board’s Recorder’s email address is asbca.recorder@mail.mil. The Board’s website address is http://www.asbca.mil.

(b) The Board consists of a Chairman, two or more Vice Chairmen, and other Members, all of whom are attorneys at law duly licensed by a state, commonwealth, territory, or the District of Columbia. Board Members are designated Administrative Judges.

(c) There are a number of divisions of the Board, established by the Chairman in such manner as to provide for the most effective and expeditious handling of appeals. The Chairman and a Vice Chairman act as members of each division. Hearings may be held by an Administrative Judge or by a duly authorized examiner. Except for appeals processed under the expedited or accelerated procedure (see Rules 12.2(c) and 12.3(c)), the decision of a majority of a division constitutes the decision of the Board, unless the Chairman refers the appeal to the Board’s Senior Deciding Group (consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairmen, all division heads, and the Judge who drafted the decision), in which event a decision of a majority of that group constitutes the decision of the Board. Appeals referred to the Senior Deciding Group are those of unusual difficulty or significant precedential importance, or that have occasioned serious dispute within the normal division decision process.

(d) The Board will to the fullest extent practicable provide informal, expeditious, and inexpensive resolution of disputes.