Subpart 445.3 - Providing Government Property to Contractors

445.302 Providing facilities.

445.302-1 Policy.

Heads of contracting activities (HCA's) are authorized to make determinations for providing facilities to a contractor as prescribed in FAR 45.302-1(a)(4).

Subpart 445.4 - Contractor Use and Rental of Government Property

445.403 Rental - Use and Charges clause.

HCA's are authorized to make determinations for charging rent on the basis of use under the Use and Charges clause in FAR 52.245-9 as prescribed in FAR 45.403(a).

445.407 Non-Government use of plant equipment.

Requests for non-Government use of plant equipment as prescribed in FAR 45.407 shall be submitted by the HCA to the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) for approval.

Subpart 445.6 [Reserved]