Subpart 1545.1 - General

1545.107 Government property clauses.

(a) The Contracting Officer shall insert the contract clause at 1552.245-70:

(1) When it is anticipated that a Contractor will use Government-furnished or Contractor-acquired property in the cleanup of hazardous material as defined in Federal Standard No. 313, or, the toxic chemicals listed 40 CFR 372.65, in the environment.

(2) In all cost-type solicitations and contracts regardless of whether Government Property is initially provided, and in all fixed-price solicitations and contracts whenever Government furnished property is provided.

(b) The Contracting Officer shall insert the contract clause at 1552.245-71, Government-Furnished Data, in any contract in which the Government is to furnish data to the Contractor. The data to be provided shall be identified in the clause.

Subpart 1545.3 - Providing Government Property to Contractors

1545.309 Providing Government production and research property under special restrictions.

Government production and research property, other than foundations and similar improvements necessary for installing special tooling, special test equipment, or plant equipment, shall not be installed or constructed on land not owned by the Government in such fashion as to be nonseverable unless the contract under which the property is provided contains -

(a) One of the provisions in FAR 45.309(a);

(b) A requirement that the Government will have the right to abandon in place all nonseverable Government property provided; and

(c) A requirement that the Government will not have any obligation to disassemble or remove the property or to restore or to rehabilitate the premises on which the property is located.