Subpart 5109.1 - Responsible Prospective Contractors

5109.103 Policy.

(b) Army contracting officials shall use the Determination of Responsibility Assistant (DORA) Contractor Responsibility bot to assist them to determine prospective contractor responsibility or non-responsibility. Instructions on how to use the bot can be found on the Acquisition Innovation through Technology page located at: and at AFARS PGI 5109.103(b)-1..

5109.104 Standards.

5109.104-5 Representation and certifications regarding responsibility matters.

(a)(2) See 5109.406-3 and 5109.407-3 for Army notification procedures.

(b)(2) See 5109.406-3 and 5109.407-3 for Army notification procedures.

5109.105 Procedures.

5109.105-2 Determinations and documentation.

(a) Determinations. The contracting officer shall submit a copy of the determination of non-responsibility to the cognizant suspension and debarment official listed at 5109.403.

5109.108 Prohibition on contracting with inverted domestic corporations.

5109.108-4 Waiver.

The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) may approve the waiver set forth in FAR 9.108-4. See Appendix GG for further delegation.