Part 5146 - Quality Assurance

Subpart 5146.5 - Acceptance

5146.501 General.

Include acceptance documentation as a permanent part of the contract file prior to contract closure.

5146.503 Place of acceptance.

When contemplating destination acceptance in solicitations and contracts, contracting officers shall—

(1) Verify the Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) of each receiving activity in the solicitation or contract (DoDAAC verification information is available via the Internet at );

(2) Prior to assigning acceptance responsibility, ensure that there is a registered acceptor available in Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) for each destination acceptance point (WAWF acceptor information is available at under “Active DoDAACs and Roles”);

(3) When no WAWF acceptor is available at destination, use source acceptance or “acceptance at other” in WAWF;

(4) Not designate destination acceptance at a contractor location, but shall instead clearly designate a Government acceptance point within Section E of the contract schedule; and

(5) Clearly define the acceptance procedures in Section E.

Subpart 5146.7 - Warranties

5146.702 General.

(c) See Army Regulation 700-139 for procedures on tracking and accumulating data on warranty costs.