5552.247-9000 Air Safety.

As prescribed in 5547.4-100(a) insert the following clause in solicitations and contracts:


(a) Contractor is obligated to comply with generally accepted standards of airmanship, training, and maintenance practices and procedures. Contractor must also satisfy Department of Defense (DOD) quality and safety requirements as described in 32 CFR Part 861, Section 861.4 . In addition, contractor shall comply with all provisions of applicable statutes, tenders of service, and contract terms as such may affect flight safety, as well as with all applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations, Airworthiness Directives, Orders, rules, and standards promulgated under the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, as amended. Compliance with published standards may not, standing alone, constitute compliance with generally accepted standards of airmanship, training, or maintenance.

(b) The cleanliness and orderliness of an aircraft, including the visible components and surfaces thereof affect the ability to inspect an aircraft, may be valid indicators of the overall maintenance level of an aircraft, and may have a direct effect on the security and confidence of passengers. Therefore, contractor's failure to keep and maintain all such components and surfaces of the aircraft used in performance of this contract clean, orderly, and in good state of repair may be deemed a failure to comply with generally accepted standards of maintenance to the extent the failure goes beyond mere cosmetic or housekeeping deficiencies and relates in some manner to confidence in the safety, maintenance, or airworthiness of the aircraft.

(c) Should the government determine that any of the following conditions exist, it may suspend or place in temporary nonuse status contractor's further performance of airlift transportation services for the DOD:

(1) Contractor's failure to meet any of the obligations imposed by the preceding two paragraphs.

(2) Involvement of one of contractor's aircraft in a serious or fatal accident, incident, or operational occurrence (regardless of whether or not such aircraft is being used in the performance of this contract).

(3) Any other condition that affects the safe operation of contractor's flights hereunder.

(d) Such suspension shall be accomplished pursuant to the Department of Defense Commercial Air Transportation Quality and Safety Review Program ( 32 CFR Part 861 ), which is hereby incorporated in this contract by reference, or any procedures that supersede same which may be adopted by the Commander (United States Transportation Command) from time to time. The suspension procedures, including the temporary nonuse, reinstatement and appeals processes, set out therein, are binding, final, and conclusive. In no event shall suspension or temporary nonuse proceedings, regardless of outcome, give rise to any liability on the part of the government.

(e) Suspension or temporary nonuse hereunder resulting in unavailability of contractor aircraft to perform service under this contract shall be treated as failure to maintain authorization to engage in air transportation under the clause of the contract 5552.247-9001, “Requirement for Authorization to Engage in Air Transportation.”

(End of Clause)