Subpart 5628.1 - BONDS

5628.103 Performance and Payment Bonds for Other than Construction Contracts.

5628.103-1 General.

Any decision to require performance and payment bonds for supply or service contracts must be approved by the Chief, Contracting Office, shall be obtained prior to issuance of the solicitation. The contract file will contain complete documentation of the rationale for the decision to require bonds.

5628.106 Administration.

5628.106-90 Review of Bonds and Notification of Surety.

All performance and payment bonds and all consents of surety shall be reviewed using the Air Force form 3012 or similar format. The review and documented in the contract file. When doubt of legal sufficiency exists, legal counsel shall be sought.

Subpart 5628.3 - INSURANCE

5628.310 Contract Clauses for Work on a Government Installation.

(Revised August 2016)

Contracting officers shall insert a clause substantially the same as 5652.228-9000 , Required Insurance, in solicitations and contracts that include 52.228-5 , Insurance - Work on a Government Installation and requiring work be performed on a government installation.