237.104 Personal services contracts.

(b)(i) The approval authority is the HCA. Legal counsel, CoCO, and HCO coordination is required.

237.170 Approval of contracts and task orders for services.

237.170-2 Approval requirements

(a) Acquisition of services through a contract or task order that is not performance based.

(1) For acquisitions at or below $50 million, obtain the review and approval of the CoCO.

(2) For acquisitions over $50 million up to $100 million, obtain the review and approval of the HCO.

(3) For acquisitions exceeding $100 million, obtain the review and approval of the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE).

(S-90) For each acquisition that is non-performance based, the contracting officer shall prepare a D&F for approval in accordance with paragraph 237.170-2(a). The D&F must be approved prior to release of the solicitation.

(S-91) The review and approval thresholds are based upon the total estimated cost of the acquisition.

(S-92) Technical and requirements personnel are responsible for providing accurate and complete data to the contracting officer to support their recommendation for other than a performance based acquisition.