452.215-71 Instructions for the Preparation of Technical and Business Proposals.

As prescribed in 415.209(a), insert a provision substantially as follows:

Instructions for the Preparation of Technical and Business Proposals (SEP 1999)

(a) General Instructions. Proposals submitted in response to this solicitation shall be furnished in the following format with the numbers of copies as specified below.

(1) The proposal must include a technical proposal and business proposal. Each of the parts shall be separate and complete so that evaluation of one may be accomplished independently from evaluation of the other. The technical proposal must not contain reference to cost; however, resource information (such as data concerning labor hours and categories, materials, subcontracts, etc.) must be contained in the technical proposal so that the contractor's understanding of the statement of work may be evaluated.

(2) Offerors may, at their discretion, submit alternate proposals or proposals which deviate from the requirement; provided, that an offeror also submit a proposal for performance of the work as specified in the statement of work. Any “alternate” proposal may be considered if overall performance would be improved or not compromised, and if it is in the best interest of the Government. Alternate proposals, or deviations from any requirement of this RFP, must be clearly identified.

(3) The Government will evaluate proposals in accordance with the evaluation criteria set forth in Section M of this RFP.

(4) Offerors shall submit their proposal(s) in the following format and the quantities specified:

(a) ______* copies of the completed, signed offer (Sections A through K of the solicitation package)

(b) ______* copies of the technical proposal

(c) ______* copies of the business/cost proposal

(b) Technical Proposal Instructions. The technical proposal will be used to make an evaluation and arrive at a determination as to whether the proposal will meet the requirements of the Government. Therefore, the technical proposal must present sufficient information to reflect a thorough understanding of the requirements and a detailed, description of the techniques, procedures and program for achieving the objectives of the specifications/statement of work. Proposals which merely paraphrase the requirements of the Government's specifications/ statement of work, or use such phrases as “will comply” or “standard techniques will be employed” will be considered unacceptable and will not be considered further. As a minimum, the proposal must clearly provide the following:

(Contracting Officer shall identify in this section the minimum information required to evaluate each technical evaluation factor listed in Section M.)

(c) Business Proposal Instructions.

(1) Cost Proposal.

In addition to any other requirements for cost/pricing information required in clause FAR 52.215-20, Requirements for Cost or Pricing Data or Information Other Than Cost or Pricing Data (OCT 1997), the following is required:

(Contracting Officer shall identify additional information required if appropriate.)

(2) Business Proposal.

(a) Furnish financial statements for the last two years, including an interim statement for the current year, unless previously provided to the office issuing the RFP, in which case a statement as to when and where this information was provided may be furnished instead.

(b) Specify the financial capacity, working capital and other resources available to perform the contract without assistance from any outside source.

(c) Provide the name, location, and intercompany pricing policy for other divisions, subsidiaries, parent company, or affiliated companies that will perform work or furnish materials under this contract.

(End of provision)

*Contracting officer shall insert number of copies required.