752.228-7 Insurance - liability to third persons.

As prescribed in 728.307-2(c), the following paragraph must be added to the clause specified in (48 CFR) FAR 52.228-7 as either paragraph (h) (if (48 CFR) FAR 52.228-7 Alternate I is not used) or (i) (if (48 CFR) FAR 52.228-7 Alternate I is used):

Insurance - Liability to Third Persons (JUL 1997)

The following paragraph is added to the clause specified in (48 CFR) FAR 52.228-7:

( ) Insurance on private automobiles. If the Contractor or any of its employees or their dependents transport or cause to be transported (whether or not at contract expense) privately owned automobiles to the Cooperating Country, or they or any of them purchase an automobile within the Cooperating Country, the Contractor agrees to make certain that all such automobiles during such ownership within the Cooperating Country will be covered by a paid-up insurance policy issued by a reliable company providing the following minimum coverage or such other minimum coverage as may be set by the Mission Director, payable in United States dollars or its equivalent in the currency of the Cooperating Country: injury to persons, $10,000/$20,000; property damage, $5,000. The premium costs for such insurance shall not be a reimbursable cost under this contract. Copies of such insurance policies shall be preserved and made available as part of the Contractor's records which are required to be preserved and made available by the “Audit and Records - Negotiation” clause of this contract.