752.7015 Use of pouch facilities.

For use in all USAID non-commercial contracts exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold and involving performance overseas.

Use of Pouch Facilities (JUL 1997)

(a) Use of diplomatic pouch is controlled by the Department of State. The Department of State has authorized the use of pouch facilities for USAID contractors and their employees as a general policy, as detailed in paragraphs (a)

(1) through (a)(7) of this clause; however, the final decision regarding use of pouch facilities rests with the Embassy or USAID Mission. In consideration of the use of pouch facilities as hereinafter stated, the Contractor and its employees agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Department of State and USAID against loss or damage occurring in pouch transmission.

(1) Contractors and their employees are authorized use of the pouch for transmission and receipt of up to a maximum of 0.9 kilogram/2 pounds per shipment of correspondence and documents needed in the administration of foreign assistance programs.

(2) U.S. citizen employees of U.S. contractors are authorized use of the pouch for personal mail up to a maximum of 0.5 kilogram/one pound per shipment (but see paragraph (a)(3) of this section).

(3) Merchandise, parcels, magazines, or newspapers are not considered to be personal mail for purposes of this clause, and are not authorized to be sent or received by pouch.

(4) Official mail as authorized by paragraph (a)(1) of this clause should be addressed as follows: Individual or Organization name, followed by the symbol “C”, city Name of Post, U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, DC 20523–0001.

(5) Personal mail pursuant to paragraph (a)(2) of this clause should be sent to the address specified in paragraph (a)(4) of this clause, but without the name of the organization.

(6) Mail sent via the diplomatic pouch may not be in violation of U.S. Postal laws and may not contain material ineligible for pouch transmission.

(7) USAID contractor personnel are not authorized use of military postal facilities (APO/FPO). This is an Adjutant General's decision based on existing laws and regulations governing military postal facilities and is being enforced worldwide. Posts having access to APO/FPO facilities and using such for diplomatic pouch dispatch, may, however, accept official mail from Contractors and letter mail from their employees for the pouch, provided of course, adequate postage is affixed.

(b) The Contractor shall be responsible for advising its employees of this authorization and these guidelines and limitations on use of pouch facilities.

(c) Specific additional guidance on use of pouch facilities in accordance with this clause is available from the Post Communication Center at the Embassy or USAID Mission.