752.7029 Post privileges.

Link to an amendment published at 89 FR 4209, Jan. 23, 2024.

For use in all USAID non-commercial contracts involving performance overseas.

Post Privileges (JUL 1993)

(a) Routine health room services may be available, subject to post policy, to U.S. citizen contractors and their authorized dependents (regardless of citizenship) at the post of duty. These services do not include hospitalization, or predeparture or end of tour medical examinations. The services normally include such medications as may be available, immunizations and preventive health measures, diagnostic examinations and advice, and home visits as medically indicated. Emergency medical treatment is provided to U.S. citizen employees and dependents, whether or not they may have been granted access to routine health room services, on the same basis as it would be to any U.S. citizen in an emergency medical situation in the country.

(b) Privileges such as the use of APO, PX's, commissaries, and officer's clubs are established at posts abroad pursuant to agreements between the U.S. and Cooperating Governments. These facilities are intended for and usually limited to members of the official U.S. establishment including the Embassy, USAID Mission, U.S. Information Service, and the Military. Normally, the agreements do not permit these facilities to be made available to nonofficial Americans.