653.000 Scope of part.

This part prescribes DOSAR forms in addition to those provided in FAR Part 53.

Subpart 653.1—General

653.101 Requirements for use of forms.

653.101-70 Policy.

The forms in FAR subpart 53.2 or in subpart 653.2 shall be used as precribed therein, except when the use of any form is prohibited by or inconsistent with local laws, or the supplies or services could not be obtained if the form were used. The contracting officer shall justify the exclusion of any form in accordance with FAR subpart 1.4 and 601.470.

653.110 Continuation sheets.

The provisions of FAR 53.110 also apply to forms prescribed in the DOSAR.

Subpart 653.2—Prescription of Forms

653.200 Scope of subpart.

This subpart prescribes or references optional and DOS forms for use in acquisition. Consistent with FAR 53.200, this subpart is arranged by subject matter, in the same order as and keyed to the parts of the DOSAR in which the form usage requirements are addressed.

653.213 Simplified acquisition procedures (SF's 18, 30, 44, 1165, OF's 347, 348).

653.217 Special contracting methods.

653.217-70 DOS form DS–1921, Award/Modification of Interagency Acquisition Agreement.

As prescribed in 617.504–70(b)(5)(i), DS–1921 is prescribed for use when awarding or modifying Economy Act Interagency Acquisition Agreements where the Department is the requesting agency.

653.219 Small business programs.

653.219-70 DOS form DS–1910, Small Business Agency Review—Actions Above the Simplified Acquisition Threshold.

As prescribed in 619.501(c), DS–1910 is prescribed for use in documenting set-aside decisions.

653.219-71 DOS form DS–4053, Department of State Mentor-Protégé Program Application.

As prescribed in 619.102–70(i), DS–4053 is prescribed for use in applying for an agreement under the Department of State Mentor-Protégé Program.