1513.507 Contract clauses.

(a)(i) It is the general policy of the Environmental Protection Agency that contractor or vendor prescribed leases or maintenance agreements for equipment shall not be executed.

(ii) The contracting officer shall, where appropriate, insert the clause at 1552.213-70, Notice to Suppliers of Equipment, in orders for purchases or leases of automatic data processing equipment, word processing, and similar types of commercially available equipment for which vendors, as a matter of routine commercial practice, have developed their own leases and/or customer service maintenance agreements.

(b) Where the supplies or services are offered under a Commercial Supplier Agreement (as defined in 1502.100), the purchase order or modification shall incorporate clause 1552.332-39, Unenforceability of Unauthorized Obligations (FAR DEVIATION), in lieu of nondeviated clause 52.232-39, and clause 1552.232-75, Commercial Supplier Agreements-Unenforceable Clauses.