1642.7001 Management agreement.

When it is in the best interest of FEHBP enrollees to continue a contract for an interim period after the carrier discontinues its operations and has entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement (or other descriptive term), but before a successor in interest has been recognized by OPM, the carrier may submit for OPM approval a Management Agreement that enables it to continue a contract through an agreement with a third party to administer the day-to-day performance of the contract. Examples of situations in which a Management Agreement may be accepted by OPM are:

(a) When a transfer of assets does not meet the criteria for a novation;

(b) While a request for a novation is pending;

(c) While awaiting a decision on a request for a novation;

(d) As an interim measure, when the timing of a transfer of assets or the timing of a carrier's withdrawal make administration of the contract inconvenient;

(e) When it is not in the interests of the Government to either recognize a successor in interest or to immediately terminate the existing FEHBP contract.