2452.216-72 Determination of award fee earned.

As prescribed in 2416.406(e)(3), insert the following clause in all award fee contracts:

Determination of Award Fee Earned (FEB 2006)

(a) At the conclusion of each evaluation period specified in the Performance Evaluation Plan, the government shall evaluate the contractor's performance and determine the amount, if any, of award fee earned by the contractor. The amount of award fee to be paid will be determined by the designated Fee Determination Official's (FDO's) judgmental evaluation in accordance with the criteria set forth in the Performance Evaluation Plan. This decision will be made unilaterally by the government. In reaching this decision, the FDO may consider any justification of award fee the contractor submits, provided that the justification is submitted within [insert number] days after the end of an evaluation period. The FDO determination shall be in writing, shall set forth the basis of the FDO's decision, and shall be sent to the contractor within [insert number] days after the end of the evaluation period.

(b) The FDO may specify in any fee determination that any amount of fee not earned during the evaluation period may be accumulated and allocated for award during a later evaluation period. The Distribution of Award Fee clause shall be amended to reflect the allocation.

(End of clause)