2452.216-73 Performance evaluation plan.

As prescribed in 2416.406(e)(3), insert the following clause in all award fee contracts:

Performance Evaluation Plan (AUG 1987)

(a) The Government shall unilaterally establish a Performance Evaluation Plan that will provide the basis for the determination of the amount of award fee awarded under the contract. The Plan shall set forth evaluation criteria and percentage of award fee available for

(1) technical functions, including schedule requirements if appropriate, (2) management functions; and, (3) cost functions. The Government shall furnish a copy of the Plan to the Contractor (insert number) days before the start of the first evaluation period.

(b) The Government may unilaterally change the award fee plan prior to the beginning of subsequent evaluation periods. The Contracting Officer will provide such changes in writing to the Contractor prior to the beginning of the applicable evaluation period.

(End of clause)