2852.201-70 Contracting Officer's Representative (COR).

As prescribed in JAR 2801.604, insert the following clause:

Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) (NOV 2020)

(a) Mr./Ms. (Name) of (Organization), (Address), (Area Code & Telephone No.), is hereby designated to act as Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) under (contract #), for the period of (specify the performance period of the contract that the designation covers).

(b) Performance of work under this contract is subject to the technical direction of the COR identified above, or another representative designated in writing by the Contracting Officer. The term “technical direction” includes, without limitation, the following:

(i) Receiving all deliverables;

(ii) Inspecting and accepting the supplies or services provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract;

(iii) Clarifying, directing, or redirecting the contract effort, including shifting work between work areas and locations, filling in details, or otherwise serving to accomplish the contractual statement of work to ensure the work is accomplished satisfactorily;

(iv) Evaluating performance of the Contractor; and

(v) Certifying all invoices/vouchers for acceptance of the supplies or services furnished for payment.

(c) The COR does not have the authority to issue direction that:

(i) Constitutes a change of assignment or work outside the contract specification/work statement/scope of work.

(ii) Constitutes a change as defined in the clause entitled “Changes” or other similar contract term.

(iii) Causes, in any manner, an increase or decrease in the contract price or the time required for contract performance;

(iv) Causes, in any manner, any change in a term, condition, or specification or the work statement/scope of work of the contract;

(v) Causes, in any manner, any change or commitment that affects price, quality, quantity, delivery, or other term or condition of the contract or that, in any way, directs the contractor or its subcontractors to operate in conflict with the contract terms and conditions;

(vi) Interferes with the contractor's right to perform under the terms and conditions of the contract;

(vii) Directs, supervises, or otherwise controls the actions of the Contractor's employees or a Subcontractor's employees.

(d) The Contractor shall proceed promptly with performance resulting from the technical direction of the COR. If, in the opinion of the Contractor, any direction by the COR or the designated representative falls outside the authority of (b) above and/or within the limitations of (c) above, the Contractor shall immediately notify the Contracting Officer.

(e) Failure of the Contractor and Contracting Officer to agree that technical direction is within the scope of the contract is a dispute that shall be subject to the “Disputes” clause and/or other similar contract term.

(f) COR authority is not re-delegable.

(End of Clause)