Subpart 1850.1—Extraordinary Contractual Actions

1850.102 Delegation of and limitations of exercise of authority.

1850.102-2 Contract adjustment boards.

14 CFR part 1209, subpart 3, Contract Adjustment Board, establishes the Contract Adjustment Board (CAB) as the approving authority to consider and dispose of requests from NASA contractors for extraordinary contractual actions.

1850.103 Contract adjustments.

1850.103-5 Processing cases.

1850.103-570 Submission of request to the Contract Adjustment Board.

(a) After investigating the facts and issues relevant to the contractor's request, the contracting officer shall forward the request to the Associate General Counsel for Contracts and Procurement Law, including in the forwarding letter—

(1) The nature of the case;

(2) The recommended disposition; and,

(3) If contractual action is recommended, the contracting officer's opinion that the action will facilitate the national defense.

(b) The forwarding letter shall enclose the contractor's request, all supporting material submitted by the contractor, and any material the contracting officer has obtained while investigating the facts and issues relevant to the request. Any classified information in the material forwarded shall be so identified.

(c) Electronic submittal is preferred for unclassified material.

1850.103-6 Disposition.

1850.103-670 Implementation of the Contract Adjustment Board's decision.

(a) The contracting officer shall take action authorized in the CAB's decision.

(b) Immediately upon execution, including any required Headquarters approval, of a contract or contract modification or amendment implementing the CAB decision, the contracting officer shall forward a copy of the contractual document to the Associate General Counsel for Contracts and Procurement Law.

1850.104 Residual powers.

1850.104-2 General.

(a) Requests for the exercise of residual powers shall be sent to the Headquarters Office of Procurement, Program Operations Division for review and processing. The NASA Administrator is the approval authority for the Memorandum of Decision.

1850.104-3 Special procedures for unusually hazardous or nuclear risks.

(a) Indemnification requests.

(1) Contractor indemnification requests must be submitted to the cognizant contracting officer for the contract for which the indemnification clause is requested. The request shall be submitted six (6) months in advance of the desired effective date of the requested indemnification in order to allow sufficient time for the request to be reviewed, analyzed, and approved by the Agency. Contractors shall submit a single request and shall ensure that duplicate requests are not submitted by associated divisions, subsidiaries, or central offices of the contractor.

(ii) The contractor's request for indemnification must identify a sufficient factual basis for indemnification by explaining specifically what work activities under the contract create the unusually hazardous or nuclear risk and identifying the timeframes in which the risk would be incurred.

(iii) The contractor shall also provide evidence, such as a certificate of insurance or other customary proof of insurance, that such insurance is either in force or is available and will be in force during the indemnified period.

(b) Action on indemnification requests.

(1) If recommending approval, the contracting officer shall forward the required information to the NASA Headquarters Office of Procurement, Program Operations Division, along with the following:

(i) For contracts of five years duration or longer, a determination, with supporting rationale, whether the indemnification approval and insurance coverage and premiums should be reviewed for adequacy and continued validity at points in time within the extended contract period.

(ii) The specific definition of the unusually hazardous risk to which the contractor is exposed in the performance of the contract(s), including specificity about which activities present such risk and the anticipated timeframes in which the risk will be incurred;

(iv) A complete discussion of the contractor's financial protection program; and

(vi) The extent to, and conditions under, which indemnification is being approved for subcontracts.

(2) The NASA Administrator is the approval authority for using the indemnification clause in a contract by a Memorandum of Decision.

(4)(ii) If approving subcontractor indemnification, the contracting officer shall document the file with a memorandum for record addressing the items set forth in FAR 50.104–3(b) and include an analysis of the subcontractor's financial protection program. In performing this analysis, the contracting officer shall take into consideration the availability, cost, terms and conditions of insurance in relation to the unusually hazardous risk.

1850.104-370 Subcontractor indemnification requests.

Subcontractors shall submit requests for indemnification to the prime contractor and through higher tier subcontractor(s), as applicable. If the prime contractor agrees an indemnity clause should be flowed down to the subcontractor, the prime contractor shall forward its written request for subcontractor indemnification to the cognizant contracting officer for approval in accordance with FAR 50.104–3. The prime contractor's request shall provide information responsive to 1850.104–3, FAR 50.104–3, and FAR 50.104–3(b)(1)(i), (ii), (iv), (v), and (vii). The agreed upon definition of the unusually hazardous risk to be incorporated into the subcontract shall be the same as that incorporated in the prime contract.

1850.104-4 Contract clause.

The contracting officer shall obtain the NASA Administrator's approval prior to including clause 52.250–1 in a contract.