831.7001-1 Tuition.

(a) Tuition and enrollment fees shall be paid at the institution's customary amount that -

(1) Does not exceed the tuition charged to similarly circumstanced non-Veteran students; and

(2) Is equal to the lowest price offered or published for the entire course, semester, quarter, or term.

(b) The cost of the Veteran student's tuition and fees under a contract shall be offset by -

(1) Any amount of tuition and fees that are waived by a State or other government authority; or

(2) Any amounts the Veteran student receives from a fellowship, scholarship, grant-in-aid, assistantship, or similar award that limits its use to payment of tuition, fees, or other charges that VA normally pays as part of a chapter 31 program.

(c) VA will not pay tuition or incidental fees to institutions or establishments furnishing apprentice or on-the-job training. VA may elect to pay charges or expenses that fall into either of the following categories:

(1) Charges customarily made by a nonprofit workshop or similar establishment for providing work adjustment training to similarly circumstanced non-Veteran students even if the trainee receives an incentive wage as part of the training.

(2) Training expenses incurred by an employer who provides on-the-job training following rehabilitation to the point of employability when VA determines that the additional training is necessary.