831.7001-3 Books, supplies, and equipment required to be personally owned.

(a) Reimbursement for books, supplies, and equipment. VA will provide reimbursement for books, equipment, or other supplies of the same variety, quality, or amount that all students taking the same course or courses are customarily required to own personally. VA will provide reimbursement for items that the institution does not specifically require for pursuit of the course if VA determines that such items are needed because of the demands of the course, general possession by other students, and the disadvantage imposed on a Veteran student by not having the item.

(b) Partial payment agreements. Agreements in which VA would pay the institution a partial payment with the remainder to be paid by the Veteran student are not authorized.

(c) Thesis expenses. The institution's costs in connection with a Veteran student's thesis are considered supplies and are therefore authorized for reimbursement if the Veteran student's committee chairman, major professor, department head, or appropriate dean certifies that the thesis is a course requirement and the expenses are required to complete the thesis. These expenses may include research expenses, typing, printing, microfilming, or otherwise reproducing the required number of copies.

(d) Reimbursement for books, supplies, and equipment. Books, supplies, and equipment that the institution purchases specifically for trainees will be reimbursed at the net cost to the institution. The VA shall reimburse the institution for books, supplies, and equipment when these items are -

(1) Issued to students from its own bookstore or supply store;

(2) Issued to students from retail stores or other non-institutionally owned establishments not owned by the contractor/institution but arranged or designated by them in cooperation with VA; or

(3) Rented or leased books, supplies and equipment and are issued to students for survey classes when it is customary that students are not required to own the books.

(e) Handling charges. VA shall reimburse the institution for any handling charges not to exceed more than 10 percent of the allowable charge for the books, equipment or other supplies unless -

(1) The tuition covers the charges for supplies or rentals or a stipulated fee is assessed to all students; or

(2) The handling charge is for Government-owned books that the contractor procures from the Library of Congress.