831.7001-4 Medical services and hospital care.

(a) VA may pay the customary student health fee when payment of the fee is required for similarly circumstanced non-Veteran students. If payment of the fee is not required for similarly circumstanced non-Veteran students, payment may be made if VA determines that payment is in the best interest of the Veteran student and the Government.

(b) When the customary Veteran student's health fee does not cover medical services or hospital care, but these medical services are available in an institution-operated facility or with doctors and hospitals in the immediate area through a prior arrangement, VA may provide reimbursement for these services in a contract for the services if -

(1) An arrangement is necessary to provide timely medical services for Veteran-students attending the facility under provisions of chapter 31; and

(2) The general rates established for medical services do not exceed the rates established by VA.

(c) VA may reimburse a rehabilitation facility for incidental medical services provided during a Veteran student's program at the facility.