831.7001-5 Consumable instructional supplies.

(a) VA will provide reimbursement for consumable instructional supplies that the institution requires for the instruction of all students, Veteran or non-Veteran students, pursuing the same or comparable course or courses when -

(1) The supplies are entirely consumed in the fabrication of a required project; or

(2) The supplies are not consumed but are of such a nature that they cannot be salvaged from the end product for reuse by disassembling or dismantling the end product.

(b) VA will not provide reimbursement for consumable instructional supplies if any of the following apply:

(1) The supplies can be salvaged for reuse.

(2) The supplies are used in a project that the student has elected as an alternate class project to produce an end product of greater value than that normally required to learn the skills of the occupation, and the end product will become the Veteran's property upon completion.

(3) The supplies are used in a project that the institution has selected to provide the student with a more elaborate end product than is required to provide adequate instruction as an inducement to the Veteran student to elect a particular course of study.

(4) The sale value of the end product is equal to or greater than the cost of supplies plus assembly, and the supplies have not been reasonably used so that the supplies are not readily salvaged from the end product to be reused for instructional purposes.

(5) The end product is of permanent value and retained by the institution.

(6) A third party loans the articles or equipment for repair or improvement and the third party would otherwise pay a commercial price for the repair or improvement.

(7) The number of projects resulting in end products exceeds the number normally required to teach the recognized job operations and processes of the occupation stipulated in the approved course of study.

(8) The cost of supplies is included in the charge for tuition or as a fee designated for such purpose.