13.003 Policy.

(e)(1) All items are candidates for automated solicitation, except that acquisitions for services, for non-NSN items, and for requirements bought using delivery orders against indefinite-delivery contracts are excluded. The criteria for exclusion of items for automated evaluation or award are included in the functional specifications and managed through automated procurement system internal controls. The Procurement Process Owner is the approval authority for system changes to the automated procurement exclusion capabilities. The HCA is the approval authority for exclusions for individual purchase requests or materials from automated solicitation, evaluation, or award for each supply chain. Individual purchase request or material exclusions will be recorded with a reason for exclusion and reported monthly to DLA Acquisition Programs by each procuring organization. The HCA must provide the determination to the DLA Acquisition Procurement Process and Systems Division Chief for entry into the automated system.

(S-90) See 18.270 for thresholds associated with emergency acquisition flexibilities.