13.501 Special documentation requirements.

(b) Contract file documentation.

(3) Contracting officers shall use the Market Research for Commerciality Determination Memorandum (MRCDM) format at 53.9013 Simplified acquisition procedures.(b) to document the market research the procuring organization conducted to determine whether the product or service is commercial. Each procuring organization may add standardized supplemental information only by appending it at the end of the MRCDM format, in order to foster uniform presentation across the Agency. Contracting officers are encouraged, but are not required, to use the SAAD format at 53.9013 Simplified acquisition procedures.(a) or Alternate SAAD format at 53.9013 Simplified acquisition procedures.(c), as prescribed in 13.106-3 Award and documentation.(b) and 15.406-1 Prenegotiation objectives.(b)(1), in place of a PNM, to document the basis for award of actions valued within the thresholds at FAR 13.500(a).