5452.233-9001 Disputes – Agreement to Use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) .

As prescribed in 33.21433.214 Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)., insert the following provision:


(a) The parties agree to negotiate with each other to try to resolve any disputes that may arise. If unassisted negotiations are unsuccessful, the parties will use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to try to resolve the dispute. Litigation will only be considered as a last resort when ADR is unsuccessful or has been documented by the party rejecting ADR to be inappropriate for resolving the dispute.

(b) Before either party determines ADR inappropriate, that party must discuss the use of ADR with the other party. The documentation rejecting ADR must be signed by an official authorized to bind the contractor (see FAR 52.233-1), or, for the Agency, by the contracting officer, and approved at a level above the contracting officer after consultation with the ADR Specialist and legal counsel. Contractor personnel are also encouraged to include the ADR Specialist in their discussions with the contracting officer before determining ADR to be inappropriate.

(c) If you wish to opt out of this clause, check here [ ]. Alternate wording may be negotiated with the contracting officer.

(End of Provision)