Part 5330 - Cost Accounting Standards Administration

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2019 Edition

Revised: 2 May 2022

5330.201-5 Waivers

5330.201-5 Waivers

(a)(2) The DAS(C)/ADAS(C) is the CAS waiver authority. Submit CAS waiver requests through the SCO to SAF/AQC for OUSD(A&S)/DPC review and SAF/AQC approval, no later than 45 days before the anticipated contract award. Waiver requests must include all items listed in FAR 30.201-5(c) and , for exceptional case CAS waivers, also address the items at DFARS PGI 230.201-5(e), and include the determination required by DFARS 230.201-5(a)(1)(A)(2) .