PGI 229.101 Resolving tax problems.

(a) For the military departments, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the Defense Contract Management Agency, the members of the DFARS Tax Committee are the designated legal counsel for tax matters within their respective departments/agencies.

(b) Information on fuel excise taxes, including applicability, exemptions, and refunds, is available as follows:

(i) The DLA Energy website at provides information on Federal, State, and local excise taxes.

(ii) Internal Revenue Service Publications 510 and 378, available on the Internal Revenue Service website at, provide information on Federal excise taxes.

(c) The contracting officer may direct the contractor to litigate the applicability of a particular tax if—

(i) The contract is either a cost-reimbursement type or a fixed-price type with a tax escalation clause such as FAR 52.229-4; and

(ii) The direction is coordinated with the DoD Tax Policy and Advisory Group through the agency-designated legal counsel.

(d)(i) Tax relief agreements between the United States and foreign governments in Europe that exempt the United States from payment of specific taxes on purchases made for common defense purposes are maintained by the United States European Command (USEUCOM). For further information, contact HQ USEUCOM, ATTN: ECLA, Unit 30400, Box 1000, APO AE 09128; Telephone: DSN 430-8001/7263, Commercial 49-0711-680-8001/7263; facsimile: 49-0711-680-5732.

(ii) Other international treaties may exempt the United States from the payment of specific taxes. The Department of State publishes a list of treaties on its website at

(iii) Tax relief also may be available in countries that have not signed tax relief agreements. The potential for such relief should be explored in accordance with paragraph (d)(iv) of this section.

(iv) DoD Directive 5100.64, DoD Foreign Tax Relief Program, defines DoD tax relief policy and requires designation of a military commander as the single point of contact for investigation and resolution of specific matters related to the foreign tax relief program within the country for which the commander is designated. Those military commanders are the same as the ones designated under DoD Directive 5525.1, Status of Forces Policy and Information, and specified in Appendix C of Army Regulation 27-50/SECNAVINST 5820.4G,Status of Forces Policies, Procedures, and Information. Appendix C of Army Regulation 27-50/SECNAVINST 5820.4G is available at

(v) Also see PGI 229.70 for special procedures for obtaining tax relief and duty-free import privileges when conducting U.S. Government acquisitions in certain foreign countries.