Subpart 505.5 - Paid Advertisements

505.502 Authority.

(a) Newspapers. The Senior Procurement Executive must approve publication of paid newspaper advertisements in accordance with FAR 5.502(a). Approval is not required if FAR 5.101 or GSAR 505.101 requires publication. Document the contract file with the regulatory citation or written approval to support the use of paid newspaper advertisements.

(b) Other media. Advance approval is not required to advertise in other media.

505.503 Procedures.

(a) Substitute form. Unless the contracting officer makes an award or order via electronic commerce or by using the Governmentwide commercial purchase card, use GSA Form 300, Order for Supplies and Services.

(b) Invoice receipt by contracting officer. After receiving an invoice and proof of advertising from a publisher, radio or television station, or advertising agency, the contracting officer shall take the following actions:

(1)  Certify the invoice for payment.

(2)  Submit the invoice to Finance.

(3)  Retain the proof of advertising in the contract file.

(c) Invoice receipt by receiving official. If a receiving official receives an invoice from a publisher, radio or television station, or advertising agency, he or she takes all the following actions:

(1)  Prepares a receiving report.

(2)  Submits the invoice and receiving report to Finance for payment.

(3)  Gives the contracting officer a copy of the receiving report for retention in the contract file.

505.504 Use of advertising agencies.

The services of commercial advertising agencies may be used only if the contracting officer determines that the services rendered by those agencies can either:

(a)  Increase competition for contracts; or

(b)  Improve the effectiveness of GSA advertising and marketing programs.