511.002 Policy.

(a) When considering sustainable acquisition for products and services pursuant to FAR 11.002(d)(1), it is the policy of GSA to consider the following:

(1) Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Consider practices and strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as operational emissions, embodied carbon, transportation and logistics costs.

(2) Ecolabels. Use the Sustainable Facilities Tool (sftool.gov) to identify ecolabels that apply and incorporate them into the requirements.

(3) Waste, Sourcing, Efficiency, and Content Management. Consider supporting environmental objectives such as waste reduction, source reduction; increased material, energy, or water efficiency; or maximum practicable recovered material content. This may include considering waste reduction techniques and taking into account reduction in packaging to include shipping packaging when buying supplies (e.g., the purchase of more durable products that last for years, requiring fewer replacements).

(4) Services. For services, consider overall environmental and social opportunities and risks when drafting the requirement package to include any ancillary supplies.

(b) FAR 11.002(b) and GSA Order ADM 8000.1, GSA Metric Program, establish policy for using the metric system in procurements. The GSA Construction Metrication Ombudsman, located in the PBS Office of Acquisition Management, can be found at http://www.gsa.gov/ombudsman.