552.217-70 Evaluation of Options.

As prescribed in 517.208 (a), insert the following provision:

Evaluation of Options (Jul 2016)

(a) The Government will evaluate offers for award purposes by determining the lowest base period price. When option year pricing is based on a formula (e.g.,changes in the Producer Price Index or other common standard), option year pricing is automatically considered when evaluating the base year price, as any change in price will be uniformly related to changes in market conditions. All options are therefore considered to be evaluated. Evaluation of options will not obligate the Government to exercise the option(s).

(b) The Government will reject the offer if exceptions are taken to the price provisions of the Economic Price Adjustment clause, unless the exception results in a lower maximum option year price. Such offers will be evaluated without regard to the lower option year(s) maximum. However, if the offeror offering a lower maximum is awarded a contract, the award will reflect the lower maximum.

(End of provision)