552.270-9 Inspection—Right of Entry.

As prescribed in 570.703 , insert the following clause:

Inspection—Right of Entry (Sep 1999)

(a) At any time and from time to time after receipt of an offer (until the same has been duly withdrawn or rejected), after acceptance thereof and during the term, the agents, employees and contractors of the Government may, upon reasonable prior notice to Offeror or Lessor, enter upon the offered premises or the premises, and all other areas of the building access to which is necessary to accomplish the purposes of entry, to determine the potential or actual compliance by the Offeror or Lessor with the requirements of the solicitation or this lease, which purposes shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) Inspecting, sampling and analyzing suspected asbestos-containing materials and air monitoring for asbestos fibers;

(2) Inspecting the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, maintenance records, and mechanical rooms for the offered premises or the premises;

(3) Inspecting for any leaks, spills, or other potentially hazardous conditions which may involve tenant exposure to hazardous or toxic substances; and

(4) Inspecting for any current or past hazardous waste operations, to ensure that appropriate mitigative actions were taken to alleviate any environmentally unsound activities in accordance with Federal, State and local law.

(b) Nothing in this clause shall be construed to create a Government duty to inspect for toxic materials or to impose a higher standard of care on the Government than on other lessees. The purpose of this clause is to promote the ease with which the Government may inspect the building. Nothing in this clause shall act to relieve the Lessor of any duty to inspect or liability which might arise as a result of Lessor’s failure to inspect for or correct a hazardous condition.

(End of Clause)