552.270-18 Default in Delivery—Time Extensions.

As prescribed in 570.703 , insert the following clause:

Default in Delivery—Time Extensions (Sep 1999)

(a) With respect to Lessor’s obligation to deliver the premises substantially complete by the delivery date, time is of the essence. If the Lessor fails to work diligently to ensure its substantial completion by the delivery date or fails to substantially complete the work by such date, the Government may by notice to the Lessor terminate this lease. Such termination is effective when received by Lessor. The Lessor and the Lessor’s sureties, if any, are jointly and severally liable for any damages to the Government resulting from such termination, as provided in this clause. The Government is entitled to the following damages:

(1) The Government’s aggregate rent, estimated real estate tax, and operating cost adjustments for the firm term and all option terms of its replacement lease or leases, in excess of the aggregate rent and estimated real estate tax and operating cost adjustments for the term. If the Government procures replacement premises for a term (including all option terms) in excess of this lease term, the Lessor is not liable for excess Government rent or adjustments during such excess lease term.

(2) All administrative and other costs the Government incurs in procuring a replacement lease or leases.

(3) Other, additional relief provided for in this lease, at law, or in equity.

(b) Damages to which the Government is entitled to under this clause are due and payable thirty (30) days following the date Lessor receives notice from the Contracting Officer specifying such damages.

(c) Delivery by Lessor of less than the minimum ABOA square footage required by this lease shall in no event be construed as substantial completion, except as the Contracting Officer permits.

(d) The Government shall not terminate this lease under this clause nor charge the Lessor with damages under this clause, if (1)the delay in substantially completing the work arises from excusable delays, and (2)the Lessor within 10days from the beginning of any such delay (unless extended in writing by the Contracting Officer) provides notice to the Contracting Officer of the causes of delay. The Contracting Officer shall ascertain the facts and the extent of delay. If the facts warrant, the Contracting Officer shall extend the delivery date, to the extent of such delay at no additional costs to the Government. A time extension is the sole remedy of the Lessor.

(End of clause)