32.703-3 Contracts crossing fiscal years.

      (a) A contract that is funded by annual appropriations may not cross fiscal years, except in accordance with statutory authorization (e.g., 41 U.S.C.6302, 31 U.S.C.1308, 42 U.S.C.2459a, 42 U.S.C.3515, and paragraph (b) of this subsection), or when the contract calls for an end product that cannot feasibly be subdivided for separate performance in each fiscal year (e.g., contracts for expert or consultant services).

      (b) The head of an executive agency, except NASA, may enter into a contract, exercise an option, or place an order under a contract for severable services for a period that begins in one fiscal year and ends in the next fiscal year if the period of the contract awarded, option exercised, or order placed does not exceed oneyear (10 U.S.C.2410a and 41 U.S.C.3902). Funds made available for a fiscal year may be obligated for the total amount of an action entered into under this authority.