35.004 Publicizing requirements and expanding research and development sources.

      (a) In order to obtain a broad base of the best contractor sources from the scientific and industrial community, agencies must, in addition to following the requirements of part  5, continually search for and develop information on sources (including small business concerns) competent to perform R&D work. These efforts should include-

           (1) Early identification and publication of agency R&D needs and requirements, including publicizing through the Governmentwide point of entry (GPE) (see part  5);

           (2) Cooperation among technical personnel, contracting officers, and Government small business personnel early in the acquisition process; and

           (3) Providing agency R&D points of contact for potential sources.

      (b) See subpart  9.7 for information regarding R&D pools and subpart  9.6 for teaming arrangements.