52.219-17 Section8(a) Award.

As prescribed in 19.811-3(c), insert the following clause:

Section8(a) Award (Jan 2017)

      (a) By execution of a contract, the Small Business Administration (SBA) agrees to the following:

           (1) To furnish the supplies or services set forth in the contract according to the specifications and the terms and conditions by subcontracting with the Offeror who has been determined an eligible concern pursuant to the provisions of section8(a) of the Small Business Act, as amended (15 U.S.C.637(a)).

           (2) Except for novation agreements, delegates to the ______ [insert name of contracting activity] the responsibility for administering the contract with complete authority to take any action on behalf of the Government under the terms and conditions of the contract; provided, however that the contracting agency shall give advance notice to the SBA before it issues a final notice terminating the right of the subcontractor to proceed with further performance, either in whole or in part, under the contract.

           (3) That payments to be made under the contract will be made directly to the subcontractor by the contracting activity.

           (4) To notify the ___________ [insert name of contracting agency] Contracting Officer immediately upon notification by the subcontractor that the owner or owners upon whom 8(a) eligibility was based plan to relinquish ownership or control of the concern.

           (5) That the subcontractor awarded a subcontract hereunder shall have the right of appeal from decisions of the cognizant Contracting Officer under the “Disputes” clause of the subcontract.

      (b) The offeror/subcontractor agrees and acknowledges that it will, for and on behalf of the SBA, fulfill and perform all of the requirements of the contract.

      (c) The offeror/subcontractor agrees that it will not subcontract the performance of any of the requirements of this subcontract to any lower tier subcontractor without the prior written approval of the SBA and the cognizant Contracting Officer of the ______________ [insert name of contracting agency].

(End of clause)