53.222 Application of labor laws to Government acquisitions (SF’s 308, 1413, 1444, 1445, 1446, WH-347).

The following forms are prescribed as stated below, for use in connection with the application of labor laws:



     (c) SF 308(DOL)(Rev. 2/2013), Request for Wage Determination and Response to Request. (See 22.404-3(a) and (b).)


     (e) SF 1413(Rev.4/2013), Statement and Acknowledgment. SF 1413 is prescribed for use in obtaining contractor acknowledgment of inclusion of required clauses in subcontracts, as specified in 22.406-5.

     (f)Form SF 1444(Rev.4/2013), Request for Authorization of Additional Classification and Rate. (See 22.406-3(a) and 22.1019.)

     (g)SF 1445(Rev.12/96), Labor Standards Interview. (See 22.406-7(b).)

     (h) SF 1446(Rev.4/2013.), Labor Standards Investigation Summary Sheet. (See 22.406-8(d).)

     (i) Form WH-347(DOL), Payroll (For Contractor's Optional Use). (See 22.406-6(a).)